Saturday, November 20, 2010

The stranger

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12
                  In the passage,when meursult is on his apartment watch the street, the stranger, Albert Camus suggest that life moves very fast and life is boring. the main character Meursault, his life is very boring and as a human our life is very short. The writer use the sky and Meursalt mama die to symbolize how life is bored and moive very fast.

                 In the passage, Meursault life is very boring of what he did. In chapter two, the last paragraph. "i felt my eyes getting tired from watching the street filled with so many people and light." (24) in the quote he is in his house. Watch people pass by. And as the time go. His eyes is getting heavy, and start getting tired. This show that he is boring, because first, who will watch people walking on the street? he should go have some fun or some thing else other than stay home watching people walking in the street.

              When the passage end in chapter two. Meursalt it been very long time he watch the street and the sky that he knwo so much random stuff.  "The first start appearing in the night sky grow dim." (24) He is very bored that all he do is look outside very long. Long enough that he know when that he know when is the first start appear. Also he even know the first car across the street. "the first cat slowly made it's way across the now deserted street. He must put a lot of time that just watching stuff. He is killing his time. He stay there very long  that his neck as start hurt. "my neck was a little stuff from resting my chin on the back...... for so long. (24) he have noting to do other than waste his time. 

              The book, stranger, the writer also want to tell us that life moves very fast. The end of the chapter, when Meursalt after his dinner and coming back smoking his cigarette. And he saw alcohol lamp next to some bread. "it occurred to me that any way one move Sunday was over." (24) it pass one move Sunday. Which mean there more than 1 sunday was pas. It also mean is mother day few weeks already. this show that life moves very fast. He just realized his mom was buried long time.

           The write Albert is showing the Meursult is not connect to his life. All he do is kill time of his life. the writer describe him at his apartment sitting there smoke cigarette, watch the sky, watch the street. He just want to make the time go by.

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