Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Part 2 The Stranger

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12

            In the passage The Stranger Albert Camus suggest that life is very boring. When is come to death, life is boring. And don’t have any feeling or emotion. Merusalt in the prison, when he is in the jail, his days pass very fast. When he know he’ll die. His emotion is like gone, no feelings.
In the passage, part2, when he know he is in the prison, he lose keep track of time. On Page 80 “one day when the guard told me that I’d been in for five months. I believed.” To Merusalt ever where is a same to him. He seems he doesn’t care about any thing. The main character Merusalt he only knows yesterday and tomorrow. On page 80 “they lose their names. Only the works ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ still had meaning for me”
            In part 2 The strange he also show us that he have no emotion. He don’t care about any thing even his mom die. He doesn’t care. On page 89 “I hadn’t wanted to see Maman that I hadn’t carried once, and that I had left fight after the funeral without paying my last respect.” In the quote, Merusalt does not care his mom. If my mom dies, I will a least cry. But Merusalt didn’t. He left right after. He gives no respect at all. And to me he doesn’t know what feeling is. That why he seem not care, when he is in the court. He does not care weather he will win or lose. He has no soul. On page 101 “I didn’t gave a soul and that noting human. Not just that he even stop listing to the judged intelligent. On page 100 “I stopped listening to the prosecutor.” he doesn’t care if he is going to die or not. The book stranger Albert Camus is suggests us that life moves fast. And when is come to death, people don’t have emotion or no feeling. Albert Camus use Merusalt as a example to show us that all the thing he do or say. He does not care about any thing at all. Even his mother or his life. So in the end, he end up got kill.

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