Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Part 2 The Stranger

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12

            In the passage The Stranger Albert Camus suggest that life is very boring. When is come to death, life is boring. And don’t have any feeling or emotion. Merusalt in the prison, when he is in the jail, his days pass very fast. When he know he’ll die. His emotion is like gone, no feelings.
In the passage, part2, when he know he is in the prison, he lose keep track of time. On Page 80 “one day when the guard told me that I’d been in for five months. I believed.” To Merusalt ever where is a same to him. He seems he doesn’t care about any thing. The main character Merusalt he only knows yesterday and tomorrow. On page 80 “they lose their names. Only the works ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ still had meaning for me”
            In part 2 The strange he also show us that he have no emotion. He don’t care about any thing even his mom die. He doesn’t care. On page 89 “I hadn’t wanted to see Maman that I hadn’t carried once, and that I had left fight after the funeral without paying my last respect.” In the quote, Merusalt does not care his mom. If my mom dies, I will a least cry. But Merusalt didn’t. He left right after. He gives no respect at all. And to me he doesn’t know what feeling is. That why he seem not care, when he is in the court. He does not care weather he will win or lose. He has no soul. On page 101 “I didn’t gave a soul and that noting human. Not just that he even stop listing to the judged intelligent. On page 100 “I stopped listening to the prosecutor.” he doesn’t care if he is going to die or not. The book stranger Albert Camus is suggests us that life moves fast. And when is come to death, people don’t have emotion or no feeling. Albert Camus use Merusalt as a example to show us that all the thing he do or say. He does not care about any thing at all. Even his mother or his life. So in the end, he end up got kill.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The stranger

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12
                  In the passage,when meursult is on his apartment watch the street, the stranger, Albert Camus suggest that life moves very fast and life is boring. the main character Meursault, his life is very boring and as a human our life is very short. The writer use the sky and Meursalt mama die to symbolize how life is bored and moive very fast.

                 In the passage, Meursault life is very boring of what he did. In chapter two, the last paragraph. "i felt my eyes getting tired from watching the street filled with so many people and light." (24) in the quote he is in his house. Watch people pass by. And as the time go. His eyes is getting heavy, and start getting tired. This show that he is boring, because first, who will watch people walking on the street? he should go have some fun or some thing else other than stay home watching people walking in the street.

              When the passage end in chapter two. Meursalt it been very long time he watch the street and the sky that he knwo so much random stuff.  "The first start appearing in the night sky grow dim." (24) He is very bored that all he do is look outside very long. Long enough that he know when that he know when is the first start appear. Also he even know the first car across the street. "the first cat slowly made it's way across the now deserted street. He must put a lot of time that just watching stuff. He is killing his time. He stay there very long  that his neck as start hurt. "my neck was a little stuff from resting my chin on the back...... for so long. (24) he have noting to do other than waste his time. 

              The book, stranger, the writer also want to tell us that life moves very fast. The end of the chapter, when Meursalt after his dinner and coming back smoking his cigarette. And he saw alcohol lamp next to some bread. "it occurred to me that any way one move Sunday was over." (24) it pass one move Sunday. Which mean there more than 1 sunday was pas. It also mean is mother day few weeks already. this show that life moves very fast. He just realized his mom was buried long time.

           The write Albert is showing the Meursult is not connect to his life. All he do is kill time of his life. the writer describe him at his apartment sitting there smoke cigarette, watch the sky, watch the street. He just want to make the time go by.

Friday, November 5, 2010

independent reading

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12

            In Augusten’s fiction “Running with Scissirs”, the main character Augusten’s. His life was very differical than other. Because of his family, in the end of the story. He change to a better person.
            In the book Augusten is a child that if he don’t feel like going to school he’ll skip. The reason why, because of his mom, he always need to look good when she go out. In page1 “do and the waxy sweetness of lipstick her white, handguns haps blow – dryer is lying on top of the white cloths hamges, ticks as it cool”. In the quote Augustan mom need to look good every time. And if Augusten hair is not good, he won’t go to school.

            In the story, because of his family and his mom, Augustan, he likes man. In page 74 “he was the fist person I told I was gay” the gay that he say this to. His name is Neil Bookman. After he meet that guy. He like him, and he like him too, they start dating. This man change him a lot. He smoke after he meet him. On page 75 “smoking had been my favorite thing in the world to do. In was like having instant comfort.” I didn’t think he like that much. But because of Neil hand him the cigarette. That why he like it so much. In the story, when things start getting better. It when Neil leave him. After Neil left. I feel that he grow up a lot. He doesn’t use to think like a child. He knew he needs to live. In the book page 300 “that week found an affordable apartment.” He grow up. He turn to live alone, with out his family. Also he got a job as a waiter. In page 300 “ hi my name is Augustan and I’ll be your server, was the only thing he need to keep in my mind” in the quote it’s very important. He starts turn to a normal person. In the end of the story he is happy of what he did, he change page 300 “I too an inventory, no job training, no money, no furniture, no fried. ‘it could be worst. “He is happy of what he changes of his life. Even though he mess up. But he is happy that he fixes it.
            n the story, Running with Scissors. Augustan, when he was young. He mess up. But is lucky that he brave enough to fix. And he did. I think the main idea that he wants to tell people that is it’s ok to mess up. And long as you fix, change. Thing will go better in the end

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College Essay

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12
            I was born in Hong Kong. I came to United States when I was around 13 years old. My parents told me that we had to move, because they wanted to provide a better education for me and my sister. Making new friends was my goal on my first day, however there was a serious obstacle blocking my way- language. Everyone in school seemed to speak in English, I understood nothing. People were talking with a strange language that I don’t know. I was alone. During lunch time, there every desk was already occupied by a group of people. Seems like there was nowhere could let me in. I was isolated. Finally I found myself a sit in the very end corner of the cafeteria. My first meal was a cheese burger and a bottle of chocolate milk. They look delicious. But the cheese was sour, the bread was dry and the milk was saline. While I was chewing them, my eyes turned watery- I missed my friends in Hong Kong. I can’t forget the time when we all sit together during lunch, walk together everywhere, anything that we been did together. My home-sick feeling being intense- I heard laughing from the rest of the people who were hanging around in the cafeteria.   
            As I speak in no English, I was assign to an ESL class. When I first entered the classroom, my teacher came to me and ask me bunch of questions. I guess she was questioning me about my name and where I came from, however, there were only three words I could understand, “Hi”, “name” and “you”. She speaks very fast. I was nervous; I don’t even know what I should suppose to respond. Suddenly, there was a boy who named Chris came to me and talked to me with my home language- Cantonese! He told me that what the teacher just asked me, he helped me as a translator. I was surprised and so appreciated that I could meet him in my first day. Luckily that, all of my teachers and my classmates were nice; they were patient and when they tried to talk with me, they try to slow down and add gestures, which helped me to understand more. In order to reach my goal of making new friends, I forced myself to response them in English, even just a single word or simple sentence. That was the moment when I begin to build up my English skills. To let myself can have more conversation and topics to share with my friends, I then began to spend time on cartoons, which was another one of the ways that helped me to learn more about English.
            Now, I spend less time on the cartoons and I spend time on reading novels and newspaper, and of course, school activities.
            When I became a freshman in Malden High School, I joined the track team. I am a sprinter. I am the fastest one on the track team. There was an unforgettable event in my track life: The night before that event, my coach told me that there was a person run really fast. According to his fastest record, he’s faster than me by 2.5 second. (For a sprinter, it is huge.) Almost no one in the team believes I can defeat him, but I told myself, I can do it. I dislike being the second one, I actually enjoy the moment when I be prized at the top place of the stage with people’s applause. Thus once the race begin, I put my entire effort to it. However, he still heading me, he is beast, I felt like I must lose. But miracle came, at the last 50 meters, I did pass him, and eventually, I go through the final spot with half of a body! I love track, not just because I am good at it, but I learn a lot from it. I think the most valuable thing I learned is time management. Being a sprinter, I am required to be extremely sensitive with time. It is always possible to be defeated by just 0.01 second. I will never forget how I disappointed from an experience. It was my first game in the track team; I lose because of that 0.01 second! The practice of track team did occupied lots of my time, especially the period that before an event. In my freshman year, I mess up my time table. I didn’t use my spare time wieldy. I put my homework after my track. I only do my work after if I am done with the practice or an event. However, I usually become really tired afterward, hence I used to just rush on my schoolwork then go to bed. Lacking of enough time for rest with long term does affect my health and I realize if I keeping this as a habit, my track and schoolwork would both mess up. Thus, I attempted to make a change- As I am still a student, I understand that no matter what sport you play or what you are asked to do, school work should always come first. Keeping this in my mind, I try to come up with a time-table for myself. I have to balance the time that I spend on track and so to my school work.
            Beside the time management, I also gain a chance to learn how to control my psycho quality. Every time when I was about to race, I would become nervous naturally, even my coach told me I will be fine. My coach always tries to calm me down before any race, he told me that if I go on my race with my nervous or any kind of unrest feeling, my perform definitely would be affected. In order to keep myself in the best condition, I have to learn about how I could control my psycho quality. So what I would do to control my nervous, I would set up a clarified goal. For all of my events, I only have one goal- to win. Only set up a clear mind could make me be concentrated and pay my entire effort to it. And furthermore I thoroughly understand an old apologue- ‘You reap what you sow” Without practice, without paying effort, no matter how great you did before, or how wonderful you used to be, you failed. This apologue not just used in my running, but to my life. It does fetch out an idea which always inspirit me while I am depressing from difficulties, which is “attitude is always a small thing which could make a big different.”  
            Doing track did make me become more mature and confidence. Looking back, I still remember I was a little boy who speaks in no English, felt lonely and frustrated all the time. But how time flies, now I am a senior and I am sitting in my room with my computer and typing my college essay.

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The Plum Plum Pickers

Kelvin Tsang   
English 12
19 October 2010
Kelvin Tsang   
English 12
19 October 2010

The Plum Plum Picker
            The story The Plum Plum Pickers Raymond Barrio suggests that in our world, everyone is not equal, it have high class and low class people. High and low class people don’t like each other. And what make high and low class is the money. Raymond Barrio use ironies, metaphors to show money can make different between high and low class.

            In the story the plum plum pickers, the main two person Manuel and Roberto Morales. They both are not from U.S. they are Mexican. In the story the world they describe Mexican is “real robber, worst kind, old clothing, everyone knew what kind of clever criminal they was”. In the quote the author use very story word to describe the Mexican, like a real robber. It scared people, because what if your friend is Mexican. It’s mean they going to steal your stuff? Also to show the Mexican is lower class. They have old clothing and they are criminal.
            In the story, the high class people are the white people and low is Mexican. Both class they don’t like each other. They use racist word to call other kind. Like the work “gueros. They word gueros is insulting name for white people. They higher class does not care the Mexican. “their only soul grime indeed was that they just didn’t give shit how that migratory scum lived, It was not concern of their, their religion said it was no concern of their” in this quote it show Manuel is very angry. He is very angry that he needs to swear. And need to talk about other people religion. There religion is not to care to lower class. And he said “no concern of theirs”. For five times, He’s really meaning it. That how angry he was.

            The high class gets to work in a good area. And low class doesn’t. The story start with Manuel feeling. “he was trapped in a endless maze of apricot true.” Manuel feeling is like he got trapped, he can’t go any where his body is very exhausted. His shirt was powder dry. And every day he need to deal with the “hot dry air”. Some time he even feel he is too exhausted to eat. The high class is the opposite, they get to work in a offices. “Smiling in their cool filtered office, puffing their. Elegant thin cigars.” The while people is chilling in the offices with A/C on. And the worker is dying like hell. This show is a ironies.
            The story plum plum pickers show that what between high and low class is the money and there racist. If you are white you get to treat better. If you are poor like the Mexican. You will work in a very bad surface. And people don’t treat you good since they don’t look white

            The high class gets to work in a good area. And low class doesn’t. The story start with Manuel feeling. “he was trapped in a endless maze of apricot true.” Manuel feeling is like he got trapped, he can’t go any where his body is very exhausted. His shirt was powder dry. And every day he need to deal with the “hot dry air”. Some time he even feel he is too exhausted to eat. The high class is the opposite, they get to work in a offices. “Smiling in their cool filtered office, puffing their. Elegant thin cigars.” The while people is chilling in the offices with A/C on. And the worker is dying like hell. This show is a ironies.
            The story plum plum pickers show that what between high and low class is the money and there racist. If you are white you get to treat better. If you are poor like the Mexican. You will work in a very bad surface. And people don’t treat you good since they don’t look white

Friday, October 1, 2010

In Class Essay - Red Shift

In the peom Red Shift, the author Ted Berrigan suggests that lif is lonely it have alot of sadness. And of somepeople is dating some one. It will end up broking up. This is wat the author suggest in the peom.

Int eh peom, the author use tone to describle how he feel.His tone feel dying and have anger. when we lok at the title if the poem "Red Shift: the color red, alway mean , love, angry, or blood. In here it show love and anger. In the poem, he start with in his memory he drink some American posison liquid air which bubbles and smoke. Most of the time, if we drink and smoke, it show there are not hpapy. and he is drink alon. so he already start with his sad emotion.

In the middle of the poem, he use the movie the relationship and emotion feeling to describle him self. In the movie. It talk about already 20year almost , and it seem the relatonship is very bad."noting wrapped upn noting buried, every thing love, children, hundred of them. In the quote everything is noting to him any more. threr is no similingly attentice woman. Also the author show his feeling. " To burn&  to burn mrore than she could imagine," in this quote the world burn is very strong. It show his anger the woman tht he hate alot, she can't even imaine.

In the peom, the last few line show life is very lonely, life don't mean any thing. Life is noting , from the start until the end. he used the word noting four time. you can tell how life is very seem noting to him. and life is very seem noting to him. and in the end he say "crowded, unhappy fate, heartless " Those are the word show life is unhappy, lonely and noting to him.

The poem Red shift by Ted Berigan is telling us how life is full of hate, have angry,lonely and everythig is noting. there are the main idea he want to tell us

1st In Class Essay , "landscape with the fall of Icarus"

In the poem "Landscape with Fall of Icarus," William Carlos William Suggest that the poem is about death. But even the whole poem is about death, Life is still go on. The poem show this is Iron, Allusion,unsigificant and symbile. And he use the painting and the poem" The myth of Deadalus and Icarus".

In the poem the writer is suggest that the show Irony. It have Irony,because the season is in spring. And spring is like every thing start alive. But in here Icarus die in the spring season. This show is Irony. And the poem alos tell us life goes on every thing have a place. "According to Brueghel when Icarus fell it was spring." This quote show that life is liek a cycle. From start until the end. alos the poem show personification. It beaceue "of the year was awake tingling" and "the edge of the sea". the quote shoe the stuff they do. It's not human thing.and that gow william careates his meaning.

The painting "landscape with the Fall of Icarus", Bruegel suggest us that even is a calm or normal paiting. It could mean alot of thing. Like in the picture, it seem just a normal day, every one is workng. but if you look carefully. It could have alot of thing happen. Like Icarus is fallling, and his death. The picture suggest us that human is selfish some time. In the picture no one care about a man or god falling on to the water. And nnno one want to help. It seem some of them is acting Noting, And again the picture the picture can show, no matter what you doing. In the end people still have to die.

In the poem" The myth of Deadalus and Icarus". Ovid suggues that it is not easy to get some thing if you can't handle. And in here. it mean the wing. is like you just 5 year old and you want to go to high school.The writer also try to tell us that god is no dffferent than human. Every thing it have there strongest and have there weakne. also as a human we alway want mroe or like we never feel enough. there is some thing we alway want to get or trying very hard to get it. those are the main ideas in the poem.

The poem "landscap with the fall of Icarus", William Carlos Willians. His main idea is that, he want people to knwo everything have a consequesce, and for some reason. if you have the stuff that you want. you might not  able to handle it. And the last thing. Life is like a cycle, every thing have a place and life goes on.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

landscape with fall of Icarus

The picture "Landscape with the fall of lcarus" was created by Pieter Bruegel. When I first saw the picture I think this picture is when then maybe around 1900s. The reason why I think is around that time, because of their clothing. And I don't see any high buildings, vehicles, machines or any technology. All it shows is there’s a man who is pushing a horse. In the background, the buildings look very ancient. Furthermore, the whole background looks ancient and classic as well. And take a look of the boats, they look old and simple. There is no mechanical boat. From the left top corner I see trees and mountain. The mountain looks kind of cool. It’s in some kind of shape. The tree is in front and the mountain is in the back. If you look down a little, it brings you back up front. It seems there is a way you can go to the mountain or a way to go somewhere. Then if you look more down, a man is pushing the horse going that way. It seems they very near the water. But I don't see anything on top of the horse of things that he pushing. So I am still think why he just pushing the horse and with no stuff. Maybe they already drop the stuff down and now they are going back to the town.
When see look almost the middle of the picture, where the man pushing the horse. Next to it there is an old man in the back. I think he is feeding some kind of animals. But I don't know. All I know the animals he is feeding the color of their skin is white. And just maybe just few is not white. But they seem even more near the water. I don't get why they were there. I feel like they should in a farm or something. It feels like they all very relax, very calm.
In the picture, when you look at bottom right corner. You will find there is a man sitting and I think he is trying to do something. But I am not sure what he is doing. He might be sitting there and fishing. Why I will say that, because next to him there is a eagle. And there’s only one reason why the eagle is there. Because it tries to look for foods and that will be fish. In the picture there just have only three people and they all doing different things. But at the same time they all look calm. Just like a normal day.
If you look at the right side of the image, most of the side is water. But on the right top corner, there is another play where look like there is a new place. It’s not that far and in the middle there a little small island. And there is boat around. From this image, this picture time is sun set time. Because the sun is going down and I think is around fall time. What makes me think is fall time, cause the tree leaf. It seems is half way gone. So maybe winter is coming soon. Those are the thing that I see in this image and what I will think of and guess.

selection from the Ovid D.J.S.

"Though minos blocks escape by land or water,"
"Daedalus said,"surely the sky is open."
in the qiote in line 4
 -Daedalus is the guy that he change thung, and he can fly .
- Minos was the king
"don't go too low,or water will weigh thwing down;Don't go too high, or the sun's fire will burn them."
- in the quote the father is tell the son don't fly to low or dont go too high.
absolute - complete,perfect,
-in the end Icarus is dead, beacaue he didn't listen to his father


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