Friday, November 5, 2010

independent reading

Kelvin Tsang
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1, English12

            In Augusten’s fiction “Running with Scissirs”, the main character Augusten’s. His life was very differical than other. Because of his family, in the end of the story. He change to a better person.
            In the book Augusten is a child that if he don’t feel like going to school he’ll skip. The reason why, because of his mom, he always need to look good when she go out. In page1 “do and the waxy sweetness of lipstick her white, handguns haps blow – dryer is lying on top of the white cloths hamges, ticks as it cool”. In the quote Augustan mom need to look good every time. And if Augusten hair is not good, he won’t go to school.

            In the story, because of his family and his mom, Augustan, he likes man. In page 74 “he was the fist person I told I was gay” the gay that he say this to. His name is Neil Bookman. After he meet that guy. He like him, and he like him too, they start dating. This man change him a lot. He smoke after he meet him. On page 75 “smoking had been my favorite thing in the world to do. In was like having instant comfort.” I didn’t think he like that much. But because of Neil hand him the cigarette. That why he like it so much. In the story, when things start getting better. It when Neil leave him. After Neil left. I feel that he grow up a lot. He doesn’t use to think like a child. He knew he needs to live. In the book page 300 “that week found an affordable apartment.” He grow up. He turn to live alone, with out his family. Also he got a job as a waiter. In page 300 “ hi my name is Augustan and I’ll be your server, was the only thing he need to keep in my mind” in the quote it’s very important. He starts turn to a normal person. In the end of the story he is happy of what he did, he change page 300 “I too an inventory, no job training, no money, no furniture, no fried. ‘it could be worst. “He is happy of what he changes of his life. Even though he mess up. But he is happy that he fixes it.
            n the story, Running with Scissors. Augustan, when he was young. He mess up. But is lucky that he brave enough to fix. And he did. I think the main idea that he wants to tell people that is it’s ok to mess up. And long as you fix, change. Thing will go better in the end

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