Thursday, September 30, 2010

landscape with fall of Icarus

The picture "Landscape with the fall of lcarus" was created by Pieter Bruegel. When I first saw the picture I think this picture is when then maybe around 1900s. The reason why I think is around that time, because of their clothing. And I don't see any high buildings, vehicles, machines or any technology. All it shows is there’s a man who is pushing a horse. In the background, the buildings look very ancient. Furthermore, the whole background looks ancient and classic as well. And take a look of the boats, they look old and simple. There is no mechanical boat. From the left top corner I see trees and mountain. The mountain looks kind of cool. It’s in some kind of shape. The tree is in front and the mountain is in the back. If you look down a little, it brings you back up front. It seems there is a way you can go to the mountain or a way to go somewhere. Then if you look more down, a man is pushing the horse going that way. It seems they very near the water. But I don't see anything on top of the horse of things that he pushing. So I am still think why he just pushing the horse and with no stuff. Maybe they already drop the stuff down and now they are going back to the town.
When see look almost the middle of the picture, where the man pushing the horse. Next to it there is an old man in the back. I think he is feeding some kind of animals. But I don't know. All I know the animals he is feeding the color of their skin is white. And just maybe just few is not white. But they seem even more near the water. I don't get why they were there. I feel like they should in a farm or something. It feels like they all very relax, very calm.
In the picture, when you look at bottom right corner. You will find there is a man sitting and I think he is trying to do something. But I am not sure what he is doing. He might be sitting there and fishing. Why I will say that, because next to him there is a eagle. And there’s only one reason why the eagle is there. Because it tries to look for foods and that will be fish. In the picture there just have only three people and they all doing different things. But at the same time they all look calm. Just like a normal day.
If you look at the right side of the image, most of the side is water. But on the right top corner, there is another play where look like there is a new place. It’s not that far and in the middle there a little small island. And there is boat around. From this image, this picture time is sun set time. Because the sun is going down and I think is around fall time. What makes me think is fall time, cause the tree leaf. It seems is half way gone. So maybe winter is coming soon. Those are the thing that I see in this image and what I will think of and guess.

selection from the Ovid D.J.S.

"Though minos blocks escape by land or water,"
"Daedalus said,"surely the sky is open."
in the qiote in line 4
 -Daedalus is the guy that he change thung, and he can fly .
- Minos was the king
"don't go too low,or water will weigh thwing down;Don't go too high, or the sun's fire will burn them."
- in the quote the father is tell the son don't fly to low or dont go too high.
absolute - complete,perfect,
-in the end Icarus is dead, beacaue he didn't listen to his father


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